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Pandora's Box
Our Price: £31.95
A major contribution.the best large-scale synthesis in any language of what we currently know and understand about this multidimensional, cataclysmic...
Six minutes in May
Our Price: £10.99
A fascinating and dramatic investigation into the events that led to Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister against the odds.'A gripping story of C...

Conspiracies at sea
Our Price: £19.99
Great disasters always attract conspiracy theories and this is just as true of disasters at sea as it is of those on land or in the air. The sinkings ...
Our Price: £25.00
The Sunday Times #1 BestsellerThe great airborne battle for the bridges in 1944 by Britain's Number One bestselling historian and author of the classi...

Exodus Burma
Our Price: £12.99
In 1942 the battle-hardened troops of the Japanese army overran Burma with frightening speed despite opposition from Indian and British troops, trigge...
A haven in hell
Our Price: £10.99
Talbot House is a living museum in the town of Poperinghe in Belgium. During World War One it offered respite to soldiers facing the Germans at Ypres. Paul Chapman's study traces its history and describes its founder, Tubby Clayton.

Isle of Man in the Great War
Our Price: £9.99
In August 1914, the Isle of Man was in the middle of a very successful summer season. The tourist industry was crucial to the island, but suddenly hol...
The life and times of General Sir Miles Dempsey GBE KCB DSO MC
Our Price: £19.99
Miles Dempsey, Commander of the British Second Army in the invasion of Europe 1944-45, is almost unknown to the general public. Yet his part in Britai...

Our Price: £25.00
On a typical day during the Second World War, Winston Churchill, as Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, issued numerous memos to the ministers and...
Imphal 1944
Our Price: £15.99
In March 1944, the Japanese Fifteenth Army launched an offensive into India from Burma. Named 'U Go', its main objective was the capture of the town o...

Fatal charge at Gallipoli
Our Price: £19.99
Armed only with rifles, bayonets and raw courage, the men of the 3rd Light Horse Brigade left the shelter of their rocky trenches to storm The Nek, a ...
Kursk 1943
Our Price: £25.00
In 1943, as war raged along the Eastern Front, the German forces attempted to push further east in the brutal Operation Citadel, which saw one of the ...

Australia's few and the Battle of Britain
Our Price: £25.00
During the summer and autumn of 1940, the Germans launched their Luftwaffe campaign to gain superiority over the RAF, especially Fighter Command. They...
Churchill's anchor
Our Price: £14.99
- Dudley Pound served for longer on the Chiefs of Staff Committee in wartime than any other serviceman in either of the two World Wars. He was the pro...

Enemies within
Our Price: £25.00
What pushed Blunt, Burgess, Cairncross, Maclean and Philby into Soviet hands?With access to recently released papers and other neglected documents, th...
The First World War
Our Price: £25.00
Published with Imperial War Museums (IWM), The First World War 1914-1918 shows the wide sweep of the conflict, spotlighting some of the obscure but im...

Birmingham pals
Our Price: £25.00
In the summer of 1914, our finest young men flocked to the colours in Northern towns and cities to answer Lord Kitchener?s ?Call to Arms? in a spontan...
Last of the Lancasters
Our Price: £25.00
- ?The Lancasters looked like enormous deadly black birds going off into the night; somehow they looked different when they came back. The planes carr...

Passchendaele, 1917
Our Price: £29.95
In 1914 the area around Ypres was a verdant landscape thick with vegetation, formed and transformed both by nature and human intervention. Before the ...
Case red
Our Price: £20.00
Even after the legendary evacuation from Dunkirk in June 1940 there were still large British formations fighting the Germans alongside their French al...

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