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Edward Bawden
Our Price: £22.50
This comprehensive survey of the career of Edward Bawden (1903-89) accompanied a major exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery and brings together his m...
Our Price: £9.89
The Japanese artist Hokusai spent the second half of his life sketching and painting with tremendous energy nearly everything he saw, and this book fo...

Werner's nomenclature of colours
Our Price: £8.99
First published in 1814, 'Werner's Nomenclature of Colours' is a taxonomic guide to colour which has been cherished by naturalists and anthropologists for over two centuries.
The parrots
Our Price: £27.00
Edward Lear may be best known for his nonsense verse, but in his early years he excelled as an illustrator of birds and reptiles. This set of 42 hand-...

Ernst Haeckel
Our Price: £20.25
From jewellery designers to scientists, graphic artists to naturalists, the range of people inspired by Ernst Haeckel's illustrations continues to gro...
M.C. Escher, kaleidocycles
Our Price: £9.00
Intricate patterns, elegant geometries, and mind-boggling graphics are trademarks of the magical visual world of Dutch artist M. C. Escher (1898-1972....

The Chiaroscuro woodcut in Renaissance Italy
Our Price: £40.50
Chiaroscuro woodcuts are among the most immediately appealing of all historic prints, displaying exquisite invention, refined draftsmanship, technical...
Charley Harper
Our Price: £31.50
Charley Harper was an American original. For more than six decades he painted colorful and graphic illustrations of nature, animals, insects, and peop...

Piranesi. The Complete Etchings
Our Price: £13.50
The most famous 18th-century copper engraver, Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778) made his name with etchings of ancient Rome. His startling, chiar...
Our Price: £9.00
Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) was one of the last great artists in the ukiyo-e tradition. Literally meaning pictures of the floating world, ukiyo-e ...

Linocut for artists & designers
Our Price: £17.09
Linocut is used to stunning effect by artists, illustrators, and designers because of its strong graphic qualities, accessibility, and versatility. Wh...
Mark Hearld's work book
Our Price: £27.00
The artist Mark Hearld finds his inspiration in the flora and fauna of the British countryside: a blue-eyed jay perched on an oak branch; two hares en...

The art of philosophy
Our Price: £45.00
The first book to explore the role of images in philosophical thought and teaching in the early modern periodDelving into the intersections between ar...
Hiroshige. One Hundred Famous Views of Edo
Our Price: £27.00
This luxurious Japanese-bound, boxed publication transcends the coffee table cliché by combining beauty with information. —ARTnews Magazine, New York...

Our Price: £18.00
William Hogarth is a house-hold name across the country, his prints hang in our pubs and leap out from our history-books. He painted the great and go...
Our Price: £19.79
Monoprinting is a printmaking process in which a drawing or painting, executed on a flat, unworked printing plate or other surface, is transferred thr...

Art forms in nature
Our Price: £15.29
The geometric shapes and natural forms, captured with exceptional precision in Ernst Haeckel's prints, still influence artists and designers to this d...
Angie Lewin - plants and places
Our Price: £22.50
The artist Angie Lewin has a unique vision of the natural world. Her hugely popular prints depict in intricate detail the native flora of a variety of...

Our Price: £27.00
An inspirational insight into the art of printmaking, this complete and comprehensive guide to techniques is packed with essential information and ins...
The dance of death
Our Price: £8.99
'The underlying message of the series is, of course, that Death comes for us all, and if it interrupts the recreations of the wealthy rather more inso...

Our Price: £9.00
Meet the artist whose majestic breaking wave sent ripples across the world. Hokusai (1760-1849) is not only one of the giants of Japanese art and a le...
Brodsky & Utkin
Our Price: £27.00
Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin are the best known of a loosely organised group of Soviet artists known as Paper Architects, who designed much but ...

Living with pattern
Our Price: £24.30
A design book filled with beautiful photography and clear ideas for how to use pattern to decorate your home. If you focus on pattern, from texture an...
Dream spectres
Our Price: £22.46
Ukiyo-e (images from the floating world') were the most popular art form of 19th century Japan. Like modern-day manga, these prints could be mass-prod...

Maker projects for kids who love printmaking
Our Price: £8.09
From creating their own art tools to making a screen print unique to their personal style and vision, this title helps readers express their creativity through the various forms of printmaking. Using clear methods, engaging photographs, and non-toxic materials, readers will learn the techniques of printmaking and be inspired to experiment with thei
The Dor? illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy .
Our Price: £10.79
These 135 fantastic and grotesque scenes depict the passion and grandeur of Dante's masterpiece - from the depths of Hell onto the mountain of Purgato...

Our Price: £40.00
Hokusai, a grand protagonist of ukiyo-e , his legacy and powerful influence on European art. Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), an unchallenged master o...
Hand-printing studio
Our Price: £16.19
Create irresistible designs for your home with hand printing! Bring out your inner artist with 15 modern projects for your home, from a galvanised pla...

Pop Art
Our Price: £9.00
Peaking in the 1960s, Pop Art began as a revolt against mainstream approaches to art and culture and evolved into a wholesale interrogation of modern...
High street
Our Price: £18.00
First published in 1938, this classic book introduces the British high street, pairing the timeless illustrations of beloved artist Eric Ravilious wit...

Non-toxic printmaking
Our Price: £16.19
In this book, Mark Graver puts the case for non-toxic printmaking and then discusses the various technical factors (both materials and equipment) to c...
Graven images
Our Price: £11.69
The invention of the printing press led to an explosion of cheap printed materials in the 16th and 17th centuries. Ballads were no longer limited to o...

Sybil Andrews and the Grosvenor School linocuts
Our Price: £13.50
Sybil Andrews was a printmaker first and foremost and, like her Grosvenor School colleagues, was encouraged by their mentor and teacher Claude Flight ...
A farewell to art
Our Price: £27.00
At the age of 88, Chagall produced fifty black-and-white lithographs, illustrating The Tempest. They were printed alongside Shakespeare's play in 1975...

The restoration of engravings, drawings, books, and other works on paper
Our Price: £31.50
This volume, based on the authoritative revised German edition of 1949, makes Schweidler's work available in English for the first time, in a meticulously edited and annotated critical edition.
Our Price: £8.09
Need a hand? Here are over a thousand! Over 1,100 pairs of hands in all shapes, sizes, and shades: writing, sewing, with pointing fingers, much more, ...

Kuniyoshi - visionary of the floating world
Our Price: £32.40
Recognized as one of the most interesting and vibrant artists from the Edo period, Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) is a major exponent of ukiyo-e in th...
Innovative impressions
Our Price: £32.40
'Innovative Impressions' explores an under-examined aspect of three impressionists' careers: their groundbreaking prints and the new techniques they developed through collaboration and experimentation.

A sparrow's life's as sweet as ours
Our Price: £18.00
A Sparrow's Life's as Sweet as Ours is a collection based on the Bird of the Month column in The Oldie, which is written by an instigator of the magaz...
Our Price: £135.00
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669) stands as one of the most important painters in Western art, but nowhere else do we encounter his inimitable talent more so than in his drawings and etchings. Hinged upon spontaneous experimentation and expressive line work, they garnered him unparalleled recognition from his contemporaries. Each portrait

Hokusai - beyond the great wave
Our Price: £31.50
Hokusai created sublime works during the last 30 years of his life, right up to his death at the age of 90. Publications have hitherto presented his long career as a chronological sequence. This book takes a fresh approach based on innovative scholarship: thematic groupings of works are related to the major spiritual and artistic quests of Hokusai'
The magic mirror of M.C. Escher
Our Price: £13.50
A woman once rang me up and said, 'Mr. Escher, I am absolutely crazy about your work. In your print Reptiles, you have given such a striking illustra...

Wood engraving
Our Price: £18.00
Wood Engraving is an easily followed, practical manual on wood engraving for the beginner, written by a master in the field. The processes of printing...
Sacred mathematics
Our Price: £44.10
Between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries Japan was totally isolated from the West by imperial decree. During that time, a unique brand of home...

English wood-engraving, 1900-1950
Our Price: £8.09
At the turn of the 20th century the art of wood-engraving enjoyed a flourishing revival among English artists. This volume showcases five decades' wor...
Audubon's last wilderness journey
Our Price: £40.50
John James Audubon's Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America is the largest and most significant color plate book produced in the United States in the ...

Illuminated manuscripts
Our Price: £7.19
Illuminated manuscripts are among the most beautiful, precious and mysterious works of Western art. Before the printing press was invented, books were...
Drawing for interior designers
Our Price: £16.19
This book is aimed at helping budding interior designers learn how todraw professional looking interior designs. It is accessible, beautifully illustr...

Macmillan Alice Pack of Cards
Our Price: £4.49
This fabulous pack of fifty-two large size Alice in Wonderland-themed playing cards, are perfect for all kinds of games. The iconic images, drawn by S...
Harter's picture archive for collage and illustration
Our Price: £12.59
Over 300 authentic, rare 19th-century engravings selected by noted collagist for artists, designers, and decoupeurs feature machines, people, animals,...