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Sculpture in Gotham
Our Price: £25.00
Public sculpture is a major draw in today's cities, and nowhere is this more the case than in New York. In the Big Apple, urban art has become synonym...
Our Price: £10.99
A Guardian Book of the YearMaggie Nelson is one of the most electrifying writers at work in America today, among the sharpest and most supple thinkers...

Angel Hill
Our Price: £10.00
A Guardian / Herald Scotland Book of the YearWinner of the 2017 PEN Pinter prize Shortlisted for the 2017 Forward PrizeA remote townland in County May...

Rodney and Nelson
Our Price: £13.49
The 'ShipCraft' series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book ...
The handbook of model-making for set designers
Our Price: £18.99
From the most basic cutting and assembling methods to advanced painting, texturing, and finishing techniques, this invaluable guide covers every aspec...

MIL' Mi-6/-26 heavy-lift helicopters
Our Price: £15.29
Developed in the early 1950s to meet a Soviet Army requirement and first flown in June 1957, the Mi-6 was the largest-yet helicopter created in the So...
Reading art
Our Price: £24.95
A celebration of artworks featuring books and readers from throughout history, for the delight of art lovers and bibliophiles As every book tells a st...

Please touch
Our Price: £40.50
This visual tour of St. Louis, MO s Citygarden one of America s most renowned sculpture gardens is an exciting introduction to the world of public art...
African masks
Our Price: £13.49
The book includes one hundred colour plates accompanied by in-depth descriptions, as well as numerous black-and-white photographs of the masks as they...

Making sculpture from scrap metal
Our Price: £9.99
Transforming unlikely pieces of scrap metal into significant works of art - giving new life to things we throw away - is an accessible, creative, and ...
Documenta 14. Daybook
Our Price: £31.50
documenta 14 promises to be one of the most exciting iterations in the exhibition's 62 year history. Presented in the form of an artist's daybook, thi...

Louise Bourgeois
Our Price: £26.99
ike the majority of Bourgeois's pieces, her series of Cells are at once enigmatic and extremely personal. Constructed during the last two decades of t...
Ship dioramas
Our Price: £40.95
This book is about the art of displaying waterline models. By their very nature, ship models that do not show the full hull and are not mounted on an artificial stand cry out for a realistic setting. At its most basic this can be just a representation of the sea itself, but to give the model a context - even to tell some sort of story - is far more

50 things to do with a penknife
Our Price: £9.99
A beautifully presented, practical gift guide to the age-old art of whittling. There are 50 projects featured in the book, ranging from quick makes t...
Our Price: £17.99
Employing superb, clear draughtsmanship this book illustrates each and every detail of the rigging of typical period fore-and-aft vessels. - The riggi...

Advanced mouldmaking and casting
Our Price: £25.00
The scope and potential of mouldmaking and casting is fascinating, and makes it one of the most exciting processes available to today's craftsmen. It...
Art as social action
Our Price: £18.99
Art as Social Action . . . is an essential guide to deepening social art practices and teaching them to students. -Laura Raicovich, president and ex...

Art of burning man
Our Price: £30.00
One hundred miles from the gambling town of Reno, in the wilderness of northern Nevada, lies a vast, hostile plain known as the Black Rock Desert. The...
The art and craft of the blacksmith
Our Price: £16.99
Get to know the ultimate skill for using your own two hands! The Art and Craft of the Blacksmith discusses a range of blacksmithing tools, techniques,...

Sculpture now
Our Price: £9.95
This new book in the World of Art series surveys the dynamic developments in sculptural practice worldwide since the mid-1990s, outlining major trends...
Modelling and sculpting the figure
Our Price: £20.69
The human figure in sculpture is a powerful form, capable of great expression and depth. Sculpting the figure in any medium is a rewarding practice, b...

The Wyvern Collection
Our Price: £65.00
This catalogue of the Wyvern sculpture collection, which is not open to the public, comprises outstanding European sculptures of the medieval period, as well as some Late Antique and Byzantine pieces and related works of the post-medieval era. Objects are made from wood, stone (including alabaster and marble) and terracotta.
Our Price: £35.00
In this remarkable book, artist Andy Goldsworthy offers a compelling look at the essence of wood as he has come to know it through his sculpture. Expa...

Recovering place
Our Price: £18.00
Mark C. Taylor recounts a poignant love affair not with a person but with a place that, paradoxically, cannot be easily localized. For many years, Tay...
Conceptual art in Britain 1964-1979
Our Price: £18.99
Featuring some of the most exciting artworks of the 20th century, this is the first book to explore the rich history of conceptual art in Britain duri...

Toilet paper
Our Price: £10.00
TOILETPAPER is a picture based magazine founded in 2010 by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. TOILETPAPER combines the vernacular of commercial photography with twisted narrative tableaux and a troubling imagination, creating a world that displays ambiguous and surrealistic imagery.
Land and environmental art
Our Price: £14.95
The definitive survey not only of Land Art but also of contemporary environmental art, featuring exquisite photographs of site-specific works in spect...

Our Price: £24.95
Unmonumental: The Object in the 21st Century is a groundbreaking thematic survey of sculptural work by thirty of today's leading artists.
Restoration stone carving
Our Price: £30.00
A stone carver with extensive conservation experience introduces readers to the techniques and methodology of restoration stone carving, set against a...

The time of the force majeure
Our Price: £40.50
This book offers a 21st-century manifesto from the pioneers of the eco-art movement. Since the 1970s Helen and Newton Harrison have been creating art ...
Sculpture today
Our Price: £26.96
This beautifully illustrated book is a comprehensive overview of developments in the world of sculpture during the past fifty years, and follows the s...

Out there
Our Price: £24.95
Out There gives an overview of Arik Levy's outdoor creations. Concerned with manufacturing processes and industrial forms, Levy's works are informed b...
Sculpture shock
Our Price: £19.95
Revealing the processes and production of nine artists during the ground breaking Sculpture Shock award (2013?2015) for temporary site-specific interv...

Museum Schn?tgen
Our Price: £44.96
The new guide to the collection of the Museum Schn?tgen offers a compact, chronological overview of the internationally famous, high - quality and m...
The Museum of Broken Relationships
Our Price: £16.99
What to do with the fragments of a love affair?A postcard from a childhood sweetheart. A wedding dress in a jar. Barbed wire. Silicone breast implants...

Weekend woodturning projects
Our Price: £15.29
Build your woodturning skills and confidence with this variety of projects that take between a couple of hours and a couple of days to complete. - All...
Our Price: £20.00
Did you know that you can transform a cheese grater, a few bits of old cutlery and a handful of nuts and bolts into a household robot brimming with ch...

What is art?
Our Price: £13.49
Joseph Beuys' work continues to influence and inspire practitioners and thinkers all over the world, in areas from organizational learning, direct democracy and money forms to art pedagogies and ecological art practices. This work describes Beuys' expanded conception of art and the deeper motivations and insights underlying 'social sculpture'.
Rome 2018
Our Price: £16.99
Rome is called the Eternal City, and ancient ruins and Renaissance masterpieces still dot this modern metropolis: with Rick Steves on your side, Rome ...

Early Hellenistic Portraiture
Our Price: £36.99
Examines the styles and contexts of portrait statues produced during one of the most dynamic eras of Western art, the early Hellenistic age. Often see...
Andy Goldsworthy - ephemeral works, 2004-2014
Our Price: £50.00
For forty years, Andy Goldsworthy has worked with an extraordinary range of natural materials, often at their source. On an almost daily basis, he mak...

The Silver Caesars
Our Price: £31.50
The twelve silver-gilt cups known as the Aldobrandini Tazze-magnificent examples of 16th-century European goldsmithing in size, design, and quality of...
Vitamin 3-D
Our Price: £29.95
Following the successful reception of Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting, Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing and Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives...

Mark Dion
Our Price: £36.00
A comprehensive survey of American artist Mark Dion, examining three decades of his critically engaged practice interrogating our relationship with na...
The female portrait statue in the Greek world
Our Price: £37.99
In this book, Sheila Dillon offers the first detailed analysis of the female portrait statue in the Greek world from the fourth century BCE to the thi...

Our Price: £8.09
Maggie Nelson is one of the most electrifying writers at work in America today, among the sharpest and most supple thinkers of her generation - Olivia...
Archaic and classical Greek art
Our Price: £19.99
This fascinating new account of what happened in Greece from c.800 to 323 bc shows how sculptors and painters responded to the challenges they faced i...

The power of masks
Our Price: £35.96
Since the nineties, Walter Van Beirendonck has been fascinated with masks. They change your identity, invoke a certain atmosphere and have an instant ...
Ilya Kabakov, The man who flew into space from his apartment
Our Price: £13.46
An illustrated study of one of Ilya Kabakov's most fantastic installations.The fictitious hero of this 1984 installation is a lonely dreamer who devel...