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Our Price: £9.99
__________________________The definitive account of the Scrum methodology from its co-creator and the CEO of Scrum, Inc., Jeff Sutherland.Scrum is the...
Be more pirate, or, How to take on the world and win
Our Price: £9.99
Whatever your ambitions, ideas and challenges, this book will revolutionize the way you live, think and work today, and tomorrow.Pirates didn't just b...

Bitcoin Billionaires
Our Price: £17.99
From Ben Mezrich, the New York Times bestselling author of The Accidental Billionaires and Bringing Down the House, comes Bitcoin Billionaires--the fa...
Zero to one
Our Price: £9.99
WHAT VALUABLE COMPANY IS NOBODY BUILDING?The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won't make a searc...

Global opportunities for entrepreneurial growth
Our Price: £73.99
Contemporary markets are increasingly complex and dynamic. Diverse business contexts have become closer, and are increasingly influenced by socio-econ...
Side hustle
Our Price: £14.99
The author of the New York Times bestseller The $100 Startup shows you how to launch a profitable side hustle in just 27 days.For some people, the tho...

Scaling up excellence
Our Price: £9.99
Scaling up excellence is the key to creating a great organisation. It's how a small enterprise expands without losing focus. It's how a brilliant new ...
Industrial organization of high-technology markets
Our Price: £33.95
This text rigorously blends theory with real-world applications to study the industrial organisation of the ICT sector. Each of the self-contained cha...

Change everything
Our Price: £12.99
Is it possible for businesses to have a bottom line that is not profit and endless growth, but human dignity, justice, sustainability and democracy? O...
Demand and supply integration
Our Price: £82.50
Supply chain professionals: master pioneering techniques for integrating demand and supply, and create demand forecasts that are far more accurate and...

Change everything
Our Price: £12.99
Is it possible for businesses to have a bottom line that is not profit and endless growth, but human dignity, justice, sustainability and democracy? O...
The battle for Sky
Our Price: £25.00
From perilous early years through clashes with the BBC and BT, not to mention the News Corporation bid for full control that failed in the wake of 201...

Global production
Our Price: £42.00
Global Production is the first book to provide a fully comprehensive overview of the complicated issues facing multinational companies and their globa...
Starting a business all-in-one for dummies
Our Price: £21.99
For more information about this series: For Dummies

Start your business in 7 days
Our Price: £10.99
James Caan, author of Get the Job You Really Want and Britain's most dynamic entrepreneur, teaches you how to work for yourself in just one week in St...
The smartest places on Earth
Our Price: £13.99
Antoine van Agtmael coined the term emerging markets and built a career and a multibillion-dollar investing firm centered on these surging economies...

Throwing rocks at the Google bus
Our Price: £14.99
Why doesn't the explosive growth of companies such as Facebook and Uber deliver more prosperity for everyone? How could things be different?In San Fra...
Synthetic vision
Our Price: £78.50
In Synthetic Vision: Using Volume Learning and Visual DNA, a holistic model of the human visual system is developed into a working model in C++, infor...

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