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The finest road in the world
Our Price: £12.99
Trains and stagecoaches stuck in the snow, wild storms driving sailing ships off course, traffic pile-ups on so-called 'killer' highways - stories abo...
Aviation landmarks - Norfolk and Suffolk
Our Price: £19.99
Norfolk and Suffolk are bursting with aviation heritage, having played key roles in military aviation through the two world wars and beyond. Notable l...

Life on the canal
Our Price: £6.00
For centuries it was far more efficient to move goods by water than by road. The end of the 18th century saw 2,000 miles of canal built in Britain: th...
50 airliners that changed flying
Our Price: £12.99
The invention of the aeroplane was the dawn of a new way of travelling. Its potential was quickly realised, and aircraft were developed to carry first...

The London, Midlands and Scottish Railway. Volume 6 The Grand Junction and North Union Railways
Our Price: £14.99
Approved in May 1833 at the same time as the London & Birmingham Railway, the Grand Junction Railway was intended to act as a link between the Lon...
The driving instructor's handbook
Our Price: £19.99
Now in its 21st edition, The Driving Instructor's Handbook is widely recognized in the driver training industry as the authoritative reference guide f...

The driving instructor's handbook
Our Price: £19.99
Now in its 20th edition, The Driving Instructor's Handbook is widely recognized in the driver training industry as the authoritative reference guide f...
Our Price: £33.00
From its earliest flights in 1926, carrying mail and occasionally a solo passenger to Chicago, to its acquisition by Delta in 2010, Northwest Airlines...

The perfect girlfriend
Our Price: £12.99
Exploring the New River
Our Price: £8.95
The New River is neither new nor a river but a 400-year-old man-made waterway between Ware and Stoke Newington. This book should be of interest to local historians and those who wish to walk the canal.

Handling cargo
Our Price: £19.99
Freighters of the 1950s and '60s - with masts, booms and hatches - were the last of their generation. It was the end of an era, just before the massiv...
The second age of rail
Our Price: £25.00
Speed on steel wheels has fascinated engineers for nearly two centuries, and a string of stunning records in the last twenty-five years has pushed rai...

The railway dilemma
Our Price: £20.00
This title provides a detailed examination of the dilemma facing Britain's government of how to reconcile the country's need for an efficient, comprehensive railway with the cost of supporting it.
London by design
Our Price: £20.00
Curated and designed by the experts at The London Transport Museum, this collection showcases London's 100 greatest transport design icons from the pa...

I tried to run a railway
Our Price: £10.00
'BR rebel chairman resigns' THE GUARDIAN. 'Rebel rail chief in row' DAILY MAIL. 'I don't take it back says sacked rail chief' DAILY EXPRESS. This is t...
A short history of trains
Our Price: £9.99
From the earliest steam engine to the high-speed bullet trains of today, 'A Short History of the Train' reveals the hidden stories of railway history across the world - the inspired engineering; the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the construction of the tracks; the ground-breaking innovations behind the trains that travelled along them; and

Robots in space
Our Price: £20.00
SPACE SPARKS THE IMAGINATION in fantastic ways, but nothing quite captures people's attention more than when we actually reach out and touch another w...
Heathrow Airport manual
Our Price: £25.00
Fascinating 'how-it-works' Haynes Manual approach to the operation of Heathrow Airport. Covers all aspects of airport organisation - from airport ma...

The Zeppelin
Our Price: £30.00
- This new publication from Michael Belafi offers some truly intriguing content. Photographs of the mighty Zeppelin at all stages of development featu...
The Metropolitan-Vickers Type 2 Co-Bo Diesel-Electric Locomotives
Our Price: £40.00
This book provides an in-depth history of the Metropolitan-Vickers diesel-electric Type 2 locomotives, more frequently known collectively as the Co-B...

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