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Systems of law: Islamic law

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Caliphate redefined
Our Price: £34.00
How the Ottomans refashioned and legitimated their rule through mystical imageries of authorityThe medieval theory of the caliphate, epitomized by the...
Legal integration of Islam
Our Price: £36.95
The status of Islam in Western societies remains deeply contentious. Countering strident claims on both the right and left, Legal Integration of Islam...

Secularism and state religion in modern Turkey
Our Price: £90.00
The Diyanet, the official face of Islam in Turkey, is the `Presidency of Religious Affairs', a governmental department established in 1924 after the b...
The Economy of Certainty
Our Price: £30.00
Aron Zysow's 1984 PhD dissertation, 'The Economy of Certainty,' remains the most important, compelling, and intellectually ambitious treatment of Isla...

Muslims in non-Muslim Lands
Our Price: £24.99
Since the Second World War, there has been a significant migration of Muslims to countries in the Western world. Muslims in non-Muslim Lands traces th...
Criminal justice in Islam
Our Price: £17.99
A formidable array of judicial talent considers all aspects of Islamic criminal procedure with the firm emphasis on its practical application today in...

Muslim women's quest for justice
Our Price: £88.99
This book is an urban ethnographic study of several Muslim women's organisations in northern India. These organisations work to carve out spaces that ...
The second formation of Islamic law
Our Price: £21.99
The Second Formation of Islamic Law is the first book to deal with the rise of an official school of law in the post-Mongol period. The author explore...

Modern Hadith studies
Our Price: £85.00
This book is dedicated to examining the various methods and trends in Hadith Studies across the globe. Bringing together contributions from ten schol...

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