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Decorative arts

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Paper World
Our Price: £12.60
Pretty-up your world with the perfect paper creations in Paper World. Simply pop-out, fold and stick together each of the ten super simple, super styl...
Folding techniques for designers
Our Price: £19.39
Many designers use folding techniques in their work to make three-dimensional forms from two-dimensional sheets of fabric, cardboard, plastic, metal, ...

In perfect shape
Our Price: £43.65
If Scandinavian design is the height of tasteful decorating, then Fritz Hansen is lifestyle with a capital L - perfect for design lovers and design professionals. Everything a coffee table book should be: fantastic photos, incisive text, and beautiful design that makes you want to leaf through the book again and again for inspiration.
Cut and fold paper textures
Our Price: £16.48
This book will show you inspirational ways in which paper can be used to create textured and relief surfaces. These techniques are mostly intuitive an...

William Morris
Our Price: £9.70
William Morris (1834-1896) was one of the greatest creative figures of the 19th century. As a visionary designer, as well as a manufacturer, writer, a...
The Queen's dolls' house
Our Price: £14.50
The Queen's Dolls' House is one of the largest, most beautiful, and most famous dolls' houses in the world. Created for Queen Mary in the early 1920s ...

Abandoned castles
Our Price: £19.39
An ancient hilltop fortress. A crusader citadel in the West Bank. A fairytale medieval castle fallen into ruin. From ancient times to the end of the n...
Our Price: £16.48
Modern calligraphy has taken social media by storm and inspired thousands of people to put pen to paper and get involved with ink. For years, handwrit...

Abandoned civilisations
Our Price: £19.39
Ruined cities overgrown by jungle. Towns buried beneath the ground. Statues lying half- hidden in the sand. Why do civilisations collapse? Why are tow...
Hardening, tempering and heat treatment for model engineers
Our Price: £7.71
In this valuable book Tubal Cain takes the reader beyond the superficial or the simply practical with explanations of the composition of steel, its ad...

Oscar Heyman
Our Price: £29.10
Since its founding in 1912, Oscar Heyman & Brothers has created fabulous jewels for some of the world's elite houses, causing it to be known in th...
The world of ornament
Our Price: £14.55
Discover a world of decorative ideas with this compendium of history's most elegant patterns and ornamental designs.The World of Ornament brings toget...

Elements of architecture
Our Price: £97.00
Elements of Architecture focuses on the fragments of the rich and complex architectural collage. Window, fašade, balcony, corridor, fireplace, stair, ...
Foundrywork for the amateur
Our Price: £7.71
This book is regarded as the perfect introduction to casting common hot metals in moulds, providing all the information needed by amateur foundrymen. ...

Ivy and the Inky Butterfly
Our Price: £14.54
Bring your own colour to the storyFrom colouring book queen Johanna Basford, a lavishly illustrated fable about a girl named Ivy who stumbles upon a s...
Studies in the Islamic decorative arts
Our Price: £145.50
Islamic artists channeled their energies not into easel painting and large-scale sculpture, but rather into what Western scholars, obeying a very diff...

The backyard foundry
Our Price: £7.71
At one time, most towns of any size had somewhere a small foundry that would undertake small casting jobs, often more out of interest and good neighbo...
Decorative art 60s
Our Price: £14.55
Published annually from 1906 until 1980, Decorative Art, The Studio Yearbook was dedicated to the latest currents in architecture, interiors, furnitur...

Coppice crafts in Britain
Our Price: £14.54
Woodland crafts have a rich history stretching back over the centuries, and several varieties of them use coppice-grown material. Starting with the wo...
Miss Violet's doll's house
Our Price: £19.40
Sam McKechnie's new craft book invites readers to lose themselves in the incredible world of Miss Violet. Whether they have a doll's house, some shelf...

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