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Ecological economics from the ground up
Our Price: £42.99
Ecological Economics from the Ground Up takes a unique and much-needed bottom-up approach to teaching ecological economics and political ecology, usin...
The national versus the foreigner in South America
Our Price: £85.00
Since the turn of the century, South American governments and regional organisations have adopted the world's most open discourse on migration and cit...

The crime of aggression, humanity, and the soldier
Our Price: £26.99
The international criminality of waging illegal war, alongside only a few of the gravest human wrongs, is rooted not in its violation of sovereignty, ...
The ABC of the OPT
Our Price: £89.99
Israel's half-a-century long rule over the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and some of its surrounding legal issues, have been the subject of extensive acad...

International investment law and arbitration
Our Price: £44.99
What was once a contested body of principles applied peripherally to the international settlement of expropriation disputes has been transformed and i...
International human rights law documents
Our Price: £14.99
This accessible collection of important international human rights documents is an essential resource for students and researchers of international hu...

Transitional justice, international assistance, and civil society
Our Price: £85.00
In recent years, transitional justice has become increasingly international in its scope. Due to ongoing animosities, lack of political will, and the ...
Convention on International Civil Aviation
Our Price: £149.99
This book is both a repertory guide to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention) as well as a legal analysis of the provisio...

Global governance of intellectual property in the 21st century
Our Price: £109.99
This book analyses the governance foundations of innovation, brands, inventions, secrets and expression, which are the keys to a century based on kno...
Police use of force under International Law
Our Price: £99.99
Policing is commonly thought to be governed by domestic legal systems and not international law. However, various international legal standards are sh...

Foreign relations law
Our Price: £55.99
What legal principles govern the external exercise of the public power of states within common law legal systems? Foreign Relations Law tackles three ...
Landmark cases in public international law
Our Price: £130.00
The past two hundred years have seen the transformation of public international law from a rule-based extrusion of diplomacy into a fully-fledged lega...

Diplomatic law
Our Price: £195.00
The 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations has for over 50 years been central to diplomacy and applied to all forms of relations among soverei...
The practice of shared responsibility in international law
Our Price: £168.00
This is the third book in the series Shared Responsibility in International Law, which examines the problem of distribution of responsibilities among ...

International law
Our Price: £39.99
Evans' International Law provides wide-ranging analysis of all the key issues and themes in public international law and brings together an outstandin...
Climate change litigation
Our Price: £72.99
This examination of the role of litigation in addressing the problem of climate change focuses not only on how the massive and growing number of lawsu...

Customary international law
Our Price: £47.99
Customary international law, although long recognized as a primary source of international law, remains replete with enigmas, both conceptual and prac...
The use of force and international law
Our Price: £29.99
The Use of Force and International Law offers an authoritative overview of international law governing the resort to force. Looking through the prism ...

Economic sanctions and international law
Our Price: £75.00
In recent years sanctions have become an increasingly popular tool of foreign policy, not only at the multilateral level (at the UN), but also regiona...
The development of the rule of law in ASEAN
Our Price: £88.99
An interdisciplinary work that comparatively studies rule of law practices and the relationship between the rule of law and regional integration, a to...

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