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International investment law and arbitration
Our Price: £44.99
What was once a contested body of principles applied peripherally to the international settlement of expropriation disputes has been transformed and i...
The international law on foreign investment
Our Price: £46.99
Following the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the demonstrations against investor-state arb...

Rethinking the union of Europe post-crisis
Our Price: £26.99
In this important new book, Giandomenico Majone examines the crucial but often overlooked distinction between the general aim of European integration ...
Straight talk on trade
Our Price: £25.00
An honest discussion of free trade and how nations can sensibly chart a path forward in today's global economyNot so long ago the nation-state seemed ...

Putting the tea in Britain
Our Price: £14.99
From the Indian Mutiny to the London Blitz, offering a 'nice cup of tea' has been a stock British response to a crisis.  But tea itself has a dramati...
Distributive justice and world trade law
Our Price: £99.99
What does justice demand in international trade regulation? And how far does World Trade Organization (WTO) law respond to those demands? Whether our ...

International handbook of cooperative law
Our Price: £199.99
The degree of development reached by cooperatives of different sectors throughout the world, which among others led to the UN declaring 2012 as the In...
Who controls the Internet?
Our Price: £11.99
Is the Internet erasing national borders? Will the future of the Net be set by Internet engineers, rogue programmers, the United Nations, or powerful ...

Advanced Introduction to International Trade Law
Our Price: £17.95
A second and fully updated edition of the book previously entitled Understanding Trade Law, this book presents an accessible yet nuanced introduction ...
Chinese contract law
Our Price: £110.00
This book is the product of a unique collaboration between mainland Chinese scholars and scholars from the civil, common, and mixed jurisdiction legal...

Law and development of middle-income countries
Our Price: £29.99
In 1960, there were 101 middle-income countries. By 2008, only thirteen of these had become high-income countries. Why do so many middle-income countr...
Trade multilateralism in the twenty-first century
Our Price: £28.00
Trade multilateralism in the twenty-first century faces a serious test as weakness in the global economy and fast-paced technological changes create a...

The Euro and its threat to the future of Europe
Our Price: £12.99
Can the Euro be saved? Should it be?Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz dismantles the prevailing consensus around what ails Europe - a...
International trade law statutes and conventions, 2016-2018
Our Price: £38.99
International Trade Law Statutes and Conventions 2016-2018†presents all the key legislation for international trade law in one student-friendly volume...

Collaborative capitalism in American cities
Our Price: £85.00
In many American cities, the urban cores still suffer. Poverty and unemployment remain endemic, despite policy initiatives aimed at systemic solutions...
Global environmental change and innovation in international law
Our Price: £85.00
The challenges to global order posed by rapid environmental change are increasingly recognized as defining features of our time. In this groundbreakin...

The World Trade Organization
Our Price: £8.99
The World Trade Organization (WTO) is scarcely ten years old, but even in these early years of its existence it has generated debate, controversy and ...
Humans as a service
Our Price: £27.99
WHAT IF YOUR BOSS WAS AN ALGORITHM? The gig economy promises to revolutionise work as we know it, offering flexibility and independence instead of 9-...

Investment treaty arbitration and public law
Our Price: £46.99
The recent explosion of investment treaty arbitration marks a revolutionary change in both international and public law, above all because it demonstr...
Principles of international investment law
Our Price: £58.00
This book outlines the principles behind the international law of foreign investment. The main focus is on the law governed by bilateral and multilate...

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